Mom, I Didn't Kill Your Daughter

2007 | Israel | color | 50 min

Hebrew, w/Eng. Subtitles
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Documentary Feature,
Israel Diversity,

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Screened at SFJFF 2008

Lior and Yuval are a couple; Lior comes from a kibbutz near the Dead Sea and Yuval was born in central Israel. Like many couples, they are opposites: Lior is opinionated and Yuval is introverted. Both were born as women, but throughout their lives they identified as male. Yuval underwent gender transition years ago; Lior is just starting out on this journey. Lior turns a camera on himself, and his video diaries—raw and brave—capture the fear, doubts, hope and excitement that come with change. Orna Ben Dor’s superb documentary lovingly captures Yuval’s battle to be legally recognized as male, Lior’s transformation and surgery, and his mother’s struggle to accept her new son—a difficulty ultimately overshadowed by the depth of her love.


Orna Ben Dor
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